Keto Sweeteners from G Rated (clean) to X Rated (dirty)


We all know what it is like to start a new way of eating journey. Whether it be for weight loss, allergies or simply to start a new lifestyle. The cravings in the first few weeks can be hard. It seems like we want everything we can't have.

Sweets are a big deal to some....others are not phased. I know in my family's keto/ low carb journey we have tried many things. If it was sugar free or said "Keto" on it...we gave it a try. Some were good, some were bad, some sent us running to the bathroom. One time we even had to take our oldest to the ER because she had so much pain in her side we thought for sure it was appendicitis. Turns out it was just too many sugar free Reese Cups she had gotten for Valentine's Day. My husband likes to refer to that incident as the "$50 Fart Check". We had our experience with the notorious Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears.....which I might add if you are looking for a night of laughter read the reviews on those gut busters on Amazon. We learned what sugar substitutes were better to consume, which had no impact on your blood glucose, which kept you in ketosis and which tasted the best.

When I started baking I always wanted my items to taste as close to the real thing as possible BUT not with any harmful sugars. While there are so many products out there like sugar free syrups, flavored creamers etc....I choose to keep our goodies clean. I will always try to bring new flavors and new creations to my customers but not at the cost of making the taste outweigh the health benefits.

This is one of the best videos I have seen that take the time to go through all of the sugars, testing themselves after to see the results etc. Such an informational video from Keto Connect. I hope you find it useful.


What are your go to sweeteners?


Have you had any bad experiences with sugar alcohols?

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  • Patricia

    Do you use almonds, cashews or any products from these nuts?

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