New order window will open at 5pm January 10th at 5pm and close Wednesday, January 12th at 5pm. Please visit our 411 page under UPDATES to see new order and pickup information.

The 411

Monday-June 7th UPDATE

This order window will be a short one. We are working on getting back to our normal schedule so we will be opening our regular 2 week order window on Monday, June 14th

One more change this order window is the new pickup time. Pick up time will now be between 3pm and 5pm. If you need a later time please let us know and we can make arrangements.

Please see information below for further information about pickup


To all of our amazing customers....we thank you.

It seems like each week we are growing more and more and more. Your support and encouragement are one of the many reasons why. You all are constantly sharing our goodies with your family and friends, sharing our post and supporting our ideas. With all of this growth we are looking at how we can improve our system and make everything run a little smoother. We are a really small business. As we grow we are starting to realize that we need help in some areas. We will be bringing on someone to help with emails and getting confirmations out to you. We are hoping to get that going this order window.

With the new oven being in we are able to bake so much more for you all. As much as I love to sell out....I also love being able to produce enough goodies that everyone who would like them can get them. We work hard to make items fresh for you. The day before pick up is almost non stop for everyone in the house. Long hours, lots of Golden Girls and coffee. With this being said if you are a no show for your order or do not respond to our emails we will no longer be able to issue a refund if you have already paid. If you contact us we have absolutely no problem at all saving your items for you. 

In hopes of making the pick up process easier we will be changing the process just a little. Like we do when you order from the "Pick Up Today" menu we will now be sending you a PICK UP NOTIFICATION on order window pick ups as well.  Many pick up Sundays we are still boxing right up until the very end. We are just getting so many orders. We want to be able to serve you as best as we can and if we can get your items all boxed up and send you a notification when its ready....we feel that will work better without it being so overwhelming.

We appreciate you always embracing these changes. We have come a long way in just two years. With this growth there is so much we need to navigate through. Thank you for always being patient with us. 

Duncan's Lo-Ca Bread Team




I would really love to make my page more than just a page to order goods from. I want you to feel at home. I want you to be familiar with us. I want this to be a page full of information that is useful to you and your journey. Although I am a low carb carb, keto baker I still struggle at times with this journey. I want this to be a place were you feel like we are in this together.

So....we started a blog! Stop on by and check out "Tales of a Low Carb Goods Dealer"