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We will be announcing a small Mother's Day Menu the week of April 25th. Please let us know what you would like to see!





We love our Lo-Ca family whether this is your first order with us or your 100th. We have always ran Duncan's Lo-Ca Breads with the mindset of purpose...not profit. The want to give customers the most delicious, healthiest treats, with the best ingredients, and love, is what we have always strived to do. Unfortunately every single ingredient we use to make these amazing treats for you is just jumping in price almost weekly at this point. We thought when we had to raise the prices last year that that would be the end of it. I was sadly wrong. It is with a heavy heart that we have to raise the prices on the cupcakes as of April 1st. We pride ourselves on using top quality ingredients in all of our treats. Top quality ingredients is what helps us make you the healthiest treats that don't spike your blood sugars, do not throw you out of ketosis, fit so many ways of eating and taste delicious. We want to keep this level of standards for you because we want only the best for our customers. Again, we apologize for the increases and hope that you can understand.


Cupcake Update!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Our NEW Snickers inspired cupcake was a HUGE hit. We are so happy you all loved them so much. Thank you all again for always giving us feedback...good or bad. 

Starting mid March we will be offering cupcakes in 4 of 6 packs

We are definitely working on new flavors so...stay tuned



Shipping information

Shipping is coming soon. We are gathering all of our necessary materials and hoping that some tester orders will go out soon just so we can see how everything goes. This is all brand new to us and when something could go usually does. We can't wait to get our products out to those of you that have been waiting for treats since we opened. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new adventure.


I would really love to make my page more than just a page to order goods from. I want you to feel at home. I want you to be familiar with us. I want this to be a page full of information that is useful to you and your journey. Although I am a low carb carb, keto baker I still struggle at times with this journey. I want this to be a place were you feel like we are in this together.

So....we started a blog! Stop on by and check out "Tales of a Low Carb Goods Dealer"


Your feedback is so important to us. If you have a suggestion, comment or question please summit them below. These go directly to our email and I will answer them ASAP.


Thank you