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All About Us


Our Why......

My little family embarked on a Keto journey. Like many families we had gotten lost in the everyday cycle of convenience over health. We decided with the new year that we would commit to this new way of eating. I had no idea that through the next couple of years this way of eating would become so much more than weight loss.My Father is a Vietnam Vet who still suffers from the effects of Agent Orange. In 2017 he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He beat it and has been cancer free since. He and my mother are also diabetics and always struggled to gain control of their eating habits and blood sugars. The years of diabetes had taken its toll on my father’s kidneys and he has stage 5 kidney disease. The doctor told him that if his cancer came back chemo might not be an option because it would cause damage to his kidneys. We needed to do something and do it fast. I pushed low carb over and over and started making them anything that I thought would make the transition easier.......Duncan’s Lo-Ca Breads and More has been an idea for about a year now. I was making bagels and breads for friends and my parents so much that I thought “Hey...I could maybe turn this into something”. My husband had rid himself of diabetes and no longer had to take pills for it. My oldest daughter learned healthy eating habit and really started to thrive in dance and her mental clarity was amazing. My parent’s had switched to a low-carb diet and for the first time in years their A1C’s were coming down to normal levels. Their insulin intake had been reduced and they felt great. I wanted to be able to get these breads out so that people could try them but mainly so that I could help people have options. I want to be able help people on all these different journeys be able to stick to them so that they never have to say “I should have done it this way...now look” Duncan’s Lo-Ca Breads is my way of being able to give back and help others. I am so excited to be able to bring to you these breads and goodies . I can’t wait to see where this takes us all.




Thank you Solano County for making us the FIRST Low Carb Bakery to win Runner Up for Solano's Best Bakery in 2020, 2021,2022 and 2023. Plus Runner Up for Health Food Store.

We opened Duncan's Lo-Ca Breads and More with one goal in mind.....to help people. We wanted to help the diabetic community be able to enjoy treats without harm to their blood sugars. The gluten free community to have more options that wouldn't cause any reactions. The keto and low carb communities to have baked goods that would make the transition to their new ways of eating easier. We made the treats but our amazing customers and their belief in our products help get them to their friends, family, neighbors, co workers, stranger etc.

In 2023 we plan to get our product out to more people who need them. We hope to make a bigger impact in the diabetic, low carb community. We have so much lined up. We hope you will follow our journey.