Kids and Keto

Our keto journey started about 5 years ago. As a family we decided to jump and in and do it is always easier that way...isn't it? We were looking to change our eating habits and show our girls how to make healthier choices. My oldest was 10 years old and our little one was 3 at the time. Just old enough to understand what we were doing and just little enough to still be really picky. LOL

At first, we made all of the traditional keto recipes that we all start out with. My oldest became a pro at making keto mug cakes. We had every flavor pork rind you could buy in the house. My oldest made the transition really easy. I had read that if you involve your children in the process it really does help make things easier. She would go on Pinterest and pick out recipes that she thought sounded good and we would make them. I would bring her into the kitchen and she would prep the food and we would cook together. It was fun and educational. 

It was a routine checkup for my 10 year old that would really open our eyes and make us look at the health care world a little bit differently. My oldest was on the high end of the age/weight ratio chart that Kaiser uses. We mentioned that as a family we were now living a ketogenic/low carb life and that we were already seeing changes in her. We proceed to get a long speech about how we were robbing her of cancer fighting abilities, we were going to give her all types of diseases etc. We thanked her for the information and went on our way. We made the decision as a family to continue least for a few months to see how this new lifestyle worked out. While we did consider what her doctor had to say, we had also done our own research. Keto had just started making its way around and like many diets...people just assumed it was a "fad". We have all had people think that we were just drinking bacon grease, eating melted cheese and 10lbs of meat in one sitting. We were hoping to show this doctor that we were trying to help our daughter...not hurt her.

At the appointment my oldest, according to the chart was about 15 to 20 lbs over the weight they felt she needed to be. We continued on keto, closely monitoring her the whole time. At this time she was dancing hip hop for an amazing dance company. She danced 3 times a week/ 2 hours at a time... all while staying strict keto. She had wonderful friends that supported her lifestyle and when they came over or went out together...they ate just like her. The weight was just melting off of her (wish I could say the same for me). Three months had gone by and she didn't lose 20...she lost 30 lbs and grew 2 inches.

Now, in that 3 months let me tell you about ALL of the changes this girl went through. While she could always dance...picking up the routines quickly was a little bit of a struggle. Her mental clarity during those 3 months was mind blowing. She was able to focus and comprehend better on her school work as well. She never had an issue with confidence but the weight loss definitely enhanced it. She was more comfortable putting herself out there, taking risks etc. We went back to the doctor for a check up and she was absolutely shock and happy with what she saw. She never did say anything about keto to us again. Never once did our daughter have any health related issues due to keto. I think they were just waiting for her to have high cholesterol, clogged arteries....something. She was great.

She maintained strict keto for a year and continues to do lazy keto/ low carb to this day. She became captain of 2 dance teams as well as an amazing artist. She went from not being able to retain information she had just learned to being able to discuss topics she learned last detail. Watching her evolve during that time was the greatest.

I am not a doctor and neither is my husband. What we did know is that we needed to change how we were eating. We are living in a time where we as a society are doing our own research. We are educating ourselves and saying "no" to what we are being told is the "right way" to do things. 

Thank you for reading this far into my little "Jess Talk". I appreciate you!!



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  • Faliz Nonan

    I’m so proud of you and your family! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Thanks for sharing your treats too!
    I know exactly how it goes when people hear “keto”. They think it’s a fad and it’s horrible eating. I have never eaten better in my life. I eat more veggies than ever. I certainly Feel better . I no longer have fatty liver, high cholesterol or am pre diabetic. I lost 50 pounds the first 6 months. It’s still a struggle. I’ve been back to my old habits then know I have to get back on track. But I’m still here 2 years later. Continuing to lose pounds. Your treats really get me through the horrible sweet tooth I have. Lol
    I even freeze them. So I’ll have them available for a while. Lol
    It’s great to have a community of support!

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